Sound and Self Care

A wonderful introduction to working with sound. In this class you will learn a simple and effective method for clearing your own energy field from the stress accumulated through everyday life, work and interactions with others. As well as learning how to clear your environment (home, office or studio), you will deepen your understanding of spiritual hygiene and the still point which quietens the mind before sleep, meditation or yoga. A great class for practitioners and those curious about sound and its applications.

This class can be scheduled one on one or as a group, bring five or more people together and I will come to you.

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Practitioner classes

Level 1
A practical training for those who wish to use the tuning forks on others. Topics covered include clearing and nourishing the spine, working with the hands and feet, tuning the joints and supporting the body through the chakra system. This training is open to anyone who has taken a Sound and Self Care class, past participants have included, nurses, bodyworkers, naturopaths, yoga teachers and LMTs, but all are welcome.

3 day class or day classes taught monthly.

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Level 2
For those wishing to further develop their skills and explore the more subtle applications of sound. Topics covered include, working with the eyes, ears and jaw, supporting immunity, working into the developmental stages of life and clearing family patterns. Open to those who have completed the foundation level classes.

Day classes taught monthly.

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